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List of the Top Online Casinos for South African Players

Now that we have gone through a little of the history of online casinos, we will go through why they have become so popular with gamblers all over the globe. First of all with an online casino in South Africa you basically can sign up to gamble in the comfort of your home. With a land-based casino, you need to drive far away, pay for valet parking and then deal with all the noise and second-hand smoke that will make you cough and smell bad all day long. Also with an online casino you do not have to pluck down hundreds of dollars for a plane ticket and experience jet lag when you get there. When you are gambling at a land-based casino you also need to pay for a hotel stay of around 3 days to a week which will also put you in the whole hundreds of dollars. At a land-based casino you probably will be down more than $1000 before you even place a single bet.

With an online casino you just visit the gambling website, register an account and transfer money easily into your account and you are ready to gamble. If your the kind of person that likes the live-action scene online casinos also have live gambling feeds where you can sit down at a blackjack table with a real dealer on the other side of the camera and also other gamblers from all over the world. This way you get all of the excitement of a land-based casino without all of the hassles.

Plus online casinos have developed their software to the point that they have come out with the very popular I-Slots online slot machines which basically puts you as the lead character within a movie and every bet you make changes the outcome of the movie in some way. Internet casinos have come a long way since 1995 and this is why it is one of the biggest businesses in the world.

Springbok Casino

  • You play with Rand
  • Great selection of slots
  • Low minimums for deposits
  • Cool bonus programs for new and loyal users
  • Available as downloadable software on PC and as a mobile app
  • Quick withdrawals
  • Bitcoin as a banking method
  • There are no popular software providers, like Microgaming
  • No live chat
  • Lack of information about licensing at the site
  • You have to enter codes for the bonuses
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What are other reasons why you should play at South African online casinos? Well simply, real money online gambling sites give you must better odds of winning at their games than land-based casinos. This is because online casinos only have a fraction of the expenses that their land-based counterparts have. Internet casinos do not have a huge building to pay the mortgage for as they are in cyberspace and they just need larger enough dedicated servers to handle the influx of traffic coming their way. Plus they do not have a huge electricity bill or machine repairs to pay for. The employee count is also much lower. All of this translates into higher profits for the online casinos which they will pass unto you by giving you a much higher payout on all of their games. There is no comparison in any way between the 2 and that is why online casinos are growing at a double-digit clip and places like Las Vegas are experiencing a downturn in business.

We have not seen a phenomena like online casinos since the internet craze first hit the stock market. Online casinos are websites that allow everyone over the legal age to gamble online. Online casinos first hit the scene in the mid-1990s when a company called Internet Casinos Incorporated or as it was commonly known ICI came out with their online gambling website that had just under 20 casino games available for gamblers hungry to give this new internet gambling crazy a try. ICI cemented itself in the online gambling world as a solid online establishment to play at and had top level security and payouts.

ICI is still here today and going strong. Many online casino establishments today are based outside of America because of the new laws passed which make it very hard to send and receive banking transactions for online gambling.

Review of Online Casino Bonuses

In the world on online gambling, one of the most overlooked aspects that most gamblers don’t pay attention to are the casino bonuses that each online casino gives out to get you to play with them. You should be aware of a few factors here when checking out casino bonuses. One is how much of a bonus will they give you on the first deposit. Your first deposit casino bonus should always be matched at 100% of the money you send in, within limits of course. Next, you should look for online casinos that actually will give you 2nd, 3rd and even 4th deposit bonuses. The more multiple deposit bonuses they give out the better.

The final factor you should know about is how many gambling bets do you need to make before you can actually take out the bonus winnings that you made from your welcome bonuses. Some will make you bet 30 times before you can access your winnings from your bonuses and some will make you bet more than 60 times.

Desert Nights Casino


Just make sure that before you make your first deposit to read the fine print and not get caught up on the big bold welcome bonus sign that is right on the front page of the online casino. Never leave anything up to chance and do not take the casinos word for it. Research is the name of the game with casino bonuses. You can also comb through our website for many great online casinos with super casino bonuses.

Responsible Gambling

Now that you have done your homework and have finally picked out and you have are now getting into the fun and excitement that online casinos offer you must also make sure that you never let it get out of hand. There is always a small percentage of people in all populations that tend to get addicted to gambling. No one knows for sure why this happens. Some people believe that it could be a genetic trait while others believe its a personality trait. No matter what the reason, you should always watch out for the telltale signs of gambling addiction and this is why you should always have a disciplined philosophy of responsible gambling.

If you are under the legal gambling age, which is between 18 to 21 (depending on the country you live in) you should stay away from trying to gamble online as the penalties are quite severe. If you are having problems concentrating on the things you need to do each like going to work, taking care of your kids and paying your bills then it is likely that you have drifted away from gambling for fun and could become a candidate for gambling addiction. One of the most important things I have learned about when gambling is that when you are winning to start placing larger bets and when you are on a losing streak to either tone down your bet amounts or call it quits for a few days. Some gamblers start to lose focus when they feel that they need to win back the money that they lost. This is when an addiction can occur. My mother once lost 500 dollars in Las Vegas and even though we were ready to leave for the back home she still wanted more money to gamble and try to win back the money she lost. Suffice to say that we never took her back there because she had the personality trait to become a gambling addict if we ever took her back there again. Don’t tempt fate.

Captain Cooks Casino

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When you are gambling its always good to have a limit you will not go beyond. For example, if you have $1000 extra in cash to gamble with and you have lost it all, its time to close it down for a few days. Do not dip into your savings account just to keep gambling. Have a set plan and do not deviate from it.

If you have a gambling addiction problem then you need to first admit your problem then you should get help asap. The longer the addiction stays with you the worse it will get. On the great place that has been helping people with gambling addictions for many years are gamblers anonymous. They are professionals who have the expertise to help you get through this addiction. It is no shame to admit that you have a problem. It becomes worse when you cannot admit it. To access them online, just visit www.gamblersanonymous.org  to get back on the road to recovery again.