Who was the wise person who invented the blackjack game? What was the first blackjack casino in history?

Those are tough questions. With the fun everyone had to play blackjack, they hardly thought about writing things down. According to the information we have, the game probably originated in France, in the early 18th century. It was in the form called Twenty-One. It’s older than roulette, poker, and many other real cash casino games. The American variant is called Blackjack.

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The best blackjack players (Bryce Carlson, Edward O. Thorp, and a few others) reached legendary status in casino history.

Since top online blackjack casinos in South Africa are getting easier to access by the day, the game is highly popular among Internet gamblers. You can play for free if you want to practice, but you can also start playing for cash when you’re ready. The low wagering requirements in online casinos make blackjack attractive for beginners.

How to Find the Best Online Blackjack Sites for Real Money

This game is fun because it’s always different. Slots also allow you to win real money, but there’s hardly any thinking and strategizing in that kind of a game. When you’re winning money in blackjack games, it’s not just because of luck. It’s also because you know your cards and you’re smart about the way you play.

But no matter how well you play, the blackjack online casino you choose makes a big difference. First of all, you need a website with low wagering requirements, so you can play whenever you want to without depositing a great deal of money. You also need a licensed, secure website that protects your privacy.

You’ll find the top online gambling sites if you read reviews. At our website, you’ll find reviews of individual sites. By comparing those reviews, you’ll see where you get the best games and most beneficial policies.

These are the aspects we consider when reviewing Internet casinos:

Based on those criteria, these are some of the top sites that support playing online casino games for real cash in South Africa:

Types of Real Money Blackjack Games

Since you can play various blackjack games in online casinos, it’s important to know something about the different types.

What Are Your Odds to Win in Blackjack Games for Cash?

Do you know why so many SA gamblers love to play real money blackjack online? If you use basic strategy, the house has an edge of only 0.5% against you. Of course, this is a game that’s not only based on luck. Depending on your skill level, your blackjack odds will vary.

But when compared to roulette or poker, playing online blackjack gives you a better chance to win cash at a real money casino.

Tips: How to Win Real Money in Blackjack

Can you have a strategy to play blackjack for money online? Yes; of course!

Instructions: How to Play Online Blackjack Games for Real Money

Blackjack is a casino card game that uses a few decks of cards, depending on the type you play. Each style has different rules, but you’ll find instructions at online gambling sites.

Here are some basic

Deposit and No Deposit Bonuses in Blackjack Online Casinos

The best online blackjack casino in South Africa will always match a real player’s first deposit. Since there are several safe websites to choose, the final decision depends on the bonus you get. The best place to play is the one that gives you the highest deposit bonus. Some casinos will even allow you to play blackjack online for real cash before you make the first deposit. That’s called a no-deposit bonus. Although it’s minimal, it still introduces you to the game.

Of course; loyalty promotions and tournaments for regular players are also important. That’s why we review those features, too.


  • Can you play online blackjack for real money in South Africa?

    Yes. There are many online casino sites that allow South Africans to play with real cash. They are properly licensed in other countries, but that doesn’t prevent them from operating in the SA gambling industry.

    As long as you choose a website with a great reputation, you’ll be safe.

  • Is online blackjack legal in South Africa?

    Yes, it’s legal. You should make sure you’re playing at a licensed online casino. From a gambler’s point of view, you won’t be prosecuted when you decide to play blackjack for real money online.

  • Can I play blackjack online real money PayPal?

    A handful of South African casinos will accept PayPal as a deposit and withdrawal method. This is the most convenient method for online payments, so it’s no wonder why South African players want it. As alternatives, you can use Skrill, Neteller, or SiD casino payment.